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my thoughts.

wow. go behind the cut to read my opinions.

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seriously. the first word that comes to my mind is wow. the first scene with keith telling veronica and alicia telling wallace cracked me up. the way they made it. "what.. who.. wallace's mom?" priceless. i got up and started dancing and laughing and squeeling. my mom knows about my obsession and she only got mad at me when i got really close to her. it isn't my fault that my obsession is huge. the scene where they are in the journalism class and the fire alarm goes off. duncan seemed extremely.. outgoing and hyper. i like that duncan. and the fact that veronica and logan were sitting by each other made me extremely happy. and when logan acted like he was in the pep squad as they were walking out made me crack up. the journalism teacher played by joey lauren adams or whatever. her voice always gets to me and i just don't like her as their teacher. i miss ms. dent. *cries* the whole white castle joke was kind of funny even though i didn't like that movie all that much.

i personally think that jtt has grown to be.. an ugly man. he was so cute as a child and teenager and now it's just like. gross. i never thought he would be an fbi agent, especially one that planted evidence on someone. and i never expected that kid to be the one to plant it. oh man. he made me mad. and the kid they claimed did it. he seemed far too nice. the fact he helped veronica when those jerks were spitting spit balls at him. i hated when people did that to me in middle school. so go him for helping her.

the whole scene with meg, duncan and veronica at the lunch table. i like how she looked at him and then told that story. something is seriously up with duncan. then in the journalism room. omg. we saw a different side of duncan. he flipped out and when he saw the face veronica had, he ran off. something is up and i don't know if i am going to be able to wait until next week. omg. omg omg. i am starting to like duncan more now that i am seeing more sides to him. what does he remember from that day? oh man.

the weird thing about this episode is that to me, mac seemed a little different. OH and wallace+veronica fighting. oh my. i was wondering when they'd have their little friend fight. all friends do.

on to the logan and veronica scenes. i was kinda sad logan wasn't in this episode a LOT. but the scenes he was in was amazing. when he called her to tell her duncan knew and then he heard jtt. omg. him punching jtt was the best thing i've ever seen. scratch that. until logan and veronica kissed. i am a spoiler type of girl but i really didn't expect the kiss to be like that. it was an amazing kiss. AMAZING. best kiss i have ever seen on tv yet. WOW. omg. i so need to make/get icons of it.

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