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thoughts on tonights episode behind the cut.

also. i like friends. i like vmars. you like vmars. if you like friends as well, you should add me. because liking vmars makes us cool. comment if you are gonna add me. =D
yeah, that sounded dorky.

okay. i so need to rewatch this episode. the whole first scene with weevil was good but weird. keith seemed a little out of it when he saw weevil. the fact that wallace heard the news about weevil sneaking into lilly's room before veronica did was crazy. veronica always hears things first. more logan airtime. i kept saying, "i love you logan echolls." i love his charecter. jason portrays logan really well. i loved that whole awkward moment between logan and veronica where they talked about duncan. to me it seemed like logan wanted to say more but he wasn't sure how.

and the scene where veronica confronts that young man in the hallway who pulls that prank on the girl who lost her dog. that scene was brilliant. i wish i had the guts like her when i was growing up.

oh and when celeste attempts to confront veronica and keith walks in. how did celeste know that veronica may be the reason duncan left? and the fact she said she doesn't hate veronica. wow. thats crazy.

i still don't like trina. she isn't the best charecter. and this episode really showed how crazy aaron could get. omg. when he beat that kid, i mean.. yeah i can understand since the boy hit his daughter.. but he went insane. and the part where trina tried to borrow money from logan. how insane is that? crazy little girl.

aww and the scene with the hispanic men talking to veronica in spanish. priceless. i would have been scared if a bunch of people crowded around me and i had no clue what they were saying.

on to the BEST part... and if anyone knows me, you know i am a HUGE veronica/logan shipper. i could tell there was something going to happened between them since episode one. i didn't know these two were going to kiss again in this episode. i even read spoilers. the part where he says "not as much as i love her" and brings on the facy that he has moved on and then they kiss again. omg. i started jumping up and down. it was such a beatiful scene. it was perfect. them laughing and talking. and when their foreheads touched. aww. beautiful.

and then she breaks things off with leo. i'll admit. i did like them at first but i always had a thing for logan and veronica. and wow. he still helped her out. anyways, long post. sorry.

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